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If you are interested in listing your website please fill out the form below but only if you accept the terms and conditions of this website.  If your site is accepted it will be listed on  This listing is mainly for dealers that actually have merchandise to sell and update their website frequently.  If you don't sell but offer a service you can still list your website which will go on a website services page.  was established to provide collectors a simplified venue to find currently available original Civil War artifacts.  The format has proven popular among both dealers and collectors.

In order for to retain its preeminence  in the fast growing internet marketplace and to continue to provide an easy to use, collector friendly environment it has become necessary to setup an update guideline for participating dealers.

The Dealer participation requirements are as follows.

  1. Cost is $75.00 USD per year for listings and $25.00 sign-up fee to add your information to  Year runs from May-June.  Prorated fees if you sign up between.

  2. Pages must be updated within a reasonable timeframe to keep your site current.

  3. Direct link categories that are not updated within the designated timeframe must be combined with other categories.

  4. If you page is not updated on schedule, you will receive notification of the infraction from

  5. Any page that requires a second warning within a six month timeframe will be removed.

  6. Any Website that requires a third warning within the designated timeframe will be removed from for a period of six months.

  7. No items on linked pages shown sold for more than 30 days. Keeps the site Fresh.

  8. All participants must guarantee authenticity to the original purchaser.

  9. All participants must offer a satisfaction guarantee, refund less shipping for a period of five days.

  10. Any item(s) deemed inappropriate or questionable must be removed at's sole discretion.

  11. I reserve the right to remove ANY dealer for ANY reason.

Thank you for your interest.  Jack W. Melton, Jr

Please Contact Jack Melton if you are interested in participating.
Contact:  Jack W. Melton, Jr.
Phone:  843-696-6385

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